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We are Mayu and Bernd, an international couple, Japanese and German, with international experience in business, education, sports and travelling. We're providing goods and fashion in our stores (here at Mitte Shop international or Japanese at https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/mittejapan/) and we've opened office and studio in one of the nicest places in Japan around Sagami Bay, especially the Yugawara and Atami area. In addition to the goods, products and services for a healthy lifestyle we provide Yoga classes. Our Gymnastics&Yoga class for example include themes of Basic Yoga with dozens of postures, we can provide easy and hard training. Your body will be taken to new levels of fitness and harmony. We offer courses in English but if you like, Bernd would be happy to talk in his mother tongue German. Our goal when you experience the Yoga training and practice is to create a moment of happiness for you and your body. Mayu is a great sports model who is experienced in Yoga from many places across Europe, Asia, and America. Her soothing voice guides you through the course. Bernd`s calm voice teaches you the postures of the special courses. All postures we are using are listed here. Bring some sporty and comfortable clothes with your towel and water to enjoy the soothing world of Yoga. After booking here your place please wait for response/confirmation of the system and the best way is to call us directly; sometimes changes may occur and we apologize in the rare case of any inconvenience.