A yoga retreat located in the seaside town of Yugawara. Offering different yoga classes to different levels and people. "Mitte-Yoga/Mittejapan", a place with one of the most interesting and challenging experiences in Japan.

About Mitte Yoga

MITTE Yoga is different from yoga classes you may have imagined. It was founded to offer Yoga practise with a greater emphasis on physical training. All of our experienced teachers are meat-and-fish lovers who love to move, see, touch, feel, energize, and help others in the way they teach. In all of our classes, we do not offer any sleepy preaching, meditation, healing, or organic living recommendations; Esoteric you'll find somewhere else. You may have felt uncomfortable with Yoga in the past, feeling that "changing yourself" could be a good thing. Your image of Yoga may change as your interest for international experience in classes taught in English. Mitte-Yoga is here to help you feel healthier and grow forever. We offer classes to maximize the benefits of Yoga exercise in your valuable time. All of Mitte's classes are designed to help you get the most out of your Yoga practice. All of Mitte's classes following similar sequences, practiced over and over again. This allows you to review the same sequence over and over again, and to become more sensitive to the daily changes in your body and mind. As a result, we believe that it is possible to "train" and "grow".

Our Most Popular Yoga Classes

Yoga For Beginners. Centered on 30 main poses.
90 minutes (60 min general class + 30 min personalized)
Yoga for Relaxing and Stretching with 20 core poses + additional, modified, taken of the list of our main courses. .. appr. 60 min class + relaxing ...
Increased Flexibility with 30 poses.
90 minutes (60 min general class + 30 min personalized)
Strengthen Body & Mind with 30 poses.
90 minutes (60 min general class + 30 min personalized)

Gymnastic/Yoga practise with us in the morning at Atami beachside is free to join; people who live or work in Yugawara, Atami, or Manazuru, people who come for holiday and like to enjoy our special classes and like to listen to English teaching of Bernd are very welcome, our fair price column see below ...

1 Time/Drop In


It is allowed to enter and leave during class. Individual tutoring is also available. All tickets can be shared between family members. Take the time to start something new and healthy as a family. MitteYoga offers small group and private classes for best results and personalized routines.

Here & Now is Where Yoga Begins

Keep you mind and body healthy as you enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Yugawara. Make it a weekend retreat. We hold classes at the Yugawara Healthy Plaza usually from Spring to Autumn and also in neighboring Atami at Kiunkaku, a famous old Japanese estate.

Yugawara Healthy Plaza

Meet our Expert Trainers

She has studied yoga in many countries, including Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. With her experience and positivity, she will energize you and guide you to the benefits of yoga. Hokkaido University of Education Main Occupation: Counselor, Writer
Bernd is a teacher from Germany. Having studied Latin and other old Languages, Archaeology and History of Religions, he brings warmth and knowledge to his Yoga classes conducted in English. Freie Universität Berlin, Hebrew University Jerusalem Occupation: Editor and Writer
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What Our Client Says

How to Start Mitte Yoga

Make a Reservation

1. Call us at (070)8562-1044
2. Contact through Line or Facebook 3. Email to mittejapan@gmail.com

For those with no yoga experience For those who have never done yoga before, we recommend the Basic classes for the first time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or to make a reservation.

Get Ready for Class

Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in. If you don't want to expose your skin, we recommend that you wear something that fits your body as tightly as possible.

Water: Mitte Yoga is performed in a warm room, you will get thirsty so bring something to drink.

Yoga Equipment: At MitteYoga studios, towel and mat rental is free. However, we recommend that you purchase your own towel or mat, not only for hygienic reasons, but also to ensure that the material is suitable for your individual needs and for home practice.

Mitte's original products and carefully selected yoga wear are also available for purchase at the studio (scheduled to start in mid-January 2021). Please feel free to ask for more information.

Day of your Class

First-time students and those who need to pay for the class on the day of the class should arrive early. If the reception desk is crowded, we may ask you to pay after class. For those who have already paid on other days (including monthly passes), there is no time limit for classes on days other than the day of payment. If you have already paid in advance on other days (including monthly passes), there is no time limit for classes outside of the payment day. You may join the class during the class time, or leave the class if you have something to do.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, credit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD/JCB/American Express/Diners Club), and electronic transportation money.

MitteYoga takes precautions to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus so that everyone can feel safe. MitteYoga is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all of our teachers and members, and we will continue to improve our infection prevention measures, including disinfection, ventilation, and distancing. We may ask for your cooperation in disinfecting and taking other measures to prevent infection when you attend classes, but we do not enforce the use of masks at Mitte, so you can enjoy yoga with peace of mind.


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